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Who are we?

HYNARI is a unisex French brand designed by two brothers, Maxime and myself Jean, two young Toulouse people passionate about Japanese culture and Steetwear fashion. We pooled our know-how to create a collaborative project that was born in 2019.

Our will

Design clothes accessible to oversized cuts and qualitative and ethical materials.

Every year, we offer you the release of creative drops in limited quantities as well as a permanent collection with all the basics HYNARI available all year round. The collections include ready-to-wear items, accessories for men and women.


Born from a desire to incorporate Japan into our project, we discovered the existence of the deity Inari, Japanese legend and symbol of success and prosperity. Clever and represented by a fox, it gives birth to the name and logo of the brand.

"Streetwear, organic cotton and a hint of Japan, that's the recipe for HYNARI clothes."

We are also a committed brand, with organic textile certifications, contracts with Toulouse suppliers (for the marking of all our garments) and also international suppliers with ethical values, who aim for transparency towards their customers. We take care to select the best products in terms of quality.

GOTS, Oeko-tex, Wear certified

Fear and vegan, you can be sure to know where you are putting your feet by buying a garment signed HYNARI !

A range 100% designed in organic cotton that will be delivered to you in organic and recyclable packaging. Their modern oversize cut will suit casual or streetwear looks, which will last you in time!